Passive House is the healthiest building standard available. With virtually zero uncontrolled air infiltration a building has complete controllability of air quality with the HRV or ERV system and HEPA or MERV rated filters. Being able to constantly evacuate air from pollution sources such as the kitchen and bathroom areas a Passive House designed home is much healthier to breath in than any other type of construction. That air is then replaced constantly with fresh air from the outside.

While not a requirement for Passive House PUSHpassive carefully considers the indoor air quality IEQ of all the building materials, finishes and components. We focus on using materials that are minimally processed and have chemical properties that are not harmful to your health or the environment.

Sample of Gutex breathable natural wood fiberboard wall system

Indoor air environmental awareness could be a significant factor in a consumers preference for living in Passive House certified homes. Residents with chemical sensitivity, allergies, asthma or other medical issues have the best option of environmental control with proper consideration of building materials, coatings, and furnishings. Young children are particularly vulnerable to chemical stresses and will benefit the most from Passive House building.  Mold and moisture issues are virtually eliminated by a quality wall system, and overall humidity levels are naturally kept at a constant healthy level. Radon is also eliminated due to the air tightness of the foundation system.

Passive House is a far cry from typical construction, whose air is often 3 times as polluted as outdoors.